Associations Week 2021

As part of this year’s Associations Week, memcom is hold a Tech Demo Day, designed to bring the latest technology to your living room!

We are inviting the leading sector suppliers to deliver short, snappy presentations to highlight the benefits of their solutions, and allow you and your teams to weigh the benefits and advantages of each system.

There is absolutely no pressure, no hard sell and no time consuming 1-2-1s to organise. Simply register your interest, click on the Zoom link and view the presentations from the comfort of your screen. If you want to have follow up conversations or demonstrations, you’ll be able to contact the suppliers you’re interested in, and take things forward at your own pace. 

The memcom Tech Demo Day is free to attend. It is also designed to be safe, easy, efficient and very effective. 

We do the leg work to save you time – so whatever technical solutions you might be looking for in the next 12 months, sign up for the FREE memcom Tech Demo Day and let us bring the innovation to you!


Meet our exhibitors and demonstrators:

If you would like to get involved and deliver a demonstration, please complete the form below to access the Tech Demo Brochure and find out how you can participate - Alternatively, you can call 07939 503 876 or email: [email protected]. Slots are given on a first come, first served basis.