Associations Week 2021

From attracting new talent or raising morale, through to increasing collaboration, funding or membership, there are many benefits of getting your organisation involved in Associations Week.

As a valued part of our sector, it would be great if you could help us elevate Associations Week 2021 and help us spread the word about your wellbeing activities. Below you will find various ideas for low-cost or free activities, as well as copy which can be used on your website, social channels and emails.

There are countless ways in which your organisation can get involved in Associations Week 2021 – and here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • Collaborate with Associations Week
    • Contribute content that you're proud of to be featured on the Associations Week virtual event platfrom, this can be anything from videos, podcasts, blogs and magazines. Email [email protected] to find out more.
    • Join the roundtables and other events that are taking place in our programme of activities.
    • Network with other attendees and sponsors to explore possible joint ventures, blogs or events which could be enacted with partner organisations.
  • Internal communications:
    • Encourage your staff to register to attend Associations Week and get involved. ITS FREE!
    • Organise a calendar of inclusive, virtual events (quizzes, socials, yoga classes, PT sessions, etc.) to bring together staff to celebrate each other and the work of your organisation.
    • Communicate the aims of Associations Week to all staff and ask for ideas, blogs, articles or initiatives on any work, coming from yourselves or your members, that they feel deserves the spotlight.
  • External communications to stakeholders:
    • Interview your President/Chair/CEO about what they feel are your organisations biggest sucesses over the last 12 months (and then send it to us to turn into a blog to share with the community!)
    • What work have your members done that they feel proud of? Why not survey your them to see what they think?
    • Spread the word about Associations Week across your social channels! Please use #associationsweek and our handle @memcomUK in all your social posts so we can share your posts with everybody else.
    • Include the Associations Week supporter badges on your email footers/website.
  • External communications to the general public:
    • Write articles for the Associations Week blog – this could be a case study or insight, a Q&A, tips, interesting news or information about your activities in Associations Week.
    • Feature news about your success stories or employee superstars in your newsletters.
    • Consider any PR/press opportunities appropriate for Associations Week such as your members’ stories.

Social channels

Social media is arguably the most effective way of expanding the reach of Associations Week. Please follow us on Twitter ( where we’ll be posting updates about your events - and remember to use the hashtag #associationsweek!

Show your support by displaying these assets on your website, email signatures or social media: 



Badge Circle 




Badge Square 




Social Media Posts

Social Media post 1




Social Media post 2




Thank you for your support in helping to make Associations Week the best yet! Please email Catherine Whitmore or Julian Smith if you would like to get involved or require further information.

If you're from a corporate organisation and would like to get involved email: Debbie Hockham for more details.