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During 2020/21 we saw COVID force many organisations to make upgrades to infrastructure they had been putting off for years. This included modernising security controls, developing a hybrid working culture, and educating staff on the importance of being more cyber aware and vigilant. We are now working and living in an increasingly boundary-less environment where many end-user devices have unwittingly become part of the enterprise ecosystem and as a by-product, vulnerabilities and entry points have increased.

As part of the technology landscape in 2022 and beyond, threats will continue to adapt, more sophisticated vulnerabilities will emerge and exploits will be perpetrated. This year’s transformation priorities should include a focus on cloud security, continued modernisation of legacy infrastructure and enhanced workforce awareness of security issues. We will see industry-specific priorities emerge in domains such as membership and the focus will be on making the enterprise more secure and intreating cybersecurity into the fabric of the organisation. This trend of 'forced transformation' will continue beyond 2022, but it was, and will continue to be a series of positive changes that will helping future-proof many organisations.