People Network

A friendly, relaxed, informal and supportive space, operating under the Chatham House rule, for HR and People & Culture Leaders to share their challenges, offer support to one another, and swap requests for assistance.

In turbulent and uncertain times, we all need a little TLC, and this friendly, fun and supportive group has plenty to share!

When you work in human resources, you're expected to have all the answers, even when no precedent has been set. You're answerable to the CEO, responsible for the staff and accountable to the law, even when the law hasn't quite caught up with current events...

The memcom HR network offers you the support you need. Collectively, the group provides the discussion, the challenges, the ideas and the answers.

Why join? Well, in the words of two of our members...

"I attend the HR network whenever I can; it's the best part of the month for me, knowing that I'm not alone, and there's a supportive group of professionals whose brains I can regularly pick." Marcia Cummings, Director of Human Resources, Royal College of Psychiatrists

"The HR network is like an action learning set, with experienced colleagues working with you, using questioning and listening skills to problem solve.  The best part is the group also know when to counsel and comfort." Linda Asamoah, Director of HR, Royal College of Physicians

**Please note, this event is aimed at HRD’s, with limited availability offered on a first-come, first served basis.**