Irrelevant, Expensive, Outdated? TV Advertising for your Membership Organisation

Hear from Liquona and AdSmart from Sky on what makes a good campaign, how to plan a successful campaign and you will learn the in's and out's of the production process.

TV Advertising for the membership sector: Irrelevant. Expensive and Outdated?
(It’s none of the above: join us to hear why)

Innovations in how TV adverts are played to viewers mean that TV commercials can now be targeted, much the same as ads are targeted online!

It’s finger lickin' good. 

Targeted TV advertising does what it says on the tin, but has many benefits over online advertising, and all will be explained in this short session.

With media budgets starting from just £4k, even micro-businesses are using this affordable marketing channel to exploit exciting new opportunities, because every little helps.

Join us for a short presentation from Sky TV, and from MEMCOM partner LIQUONA.

Hear how AdSmafrt from Sky can target the audiences that you want to get in front of.

Hear from LIQUONA about the creative and technical process involved, what makes a good ad and relevant case studies.

So Have a break… and join us. 

(Because you’re worth it)


Learning Outcomes and Objectives:

  • Learn how TV advertising has innovated to become affordable and targeted! It is now a viable comms tool, with relevance for most membership organisations.
  • Learn more about the process to advertise on TV and consider what makes good content.
  • Understand how the AdSmart from Sky service works and how targeted TV really means that you can target individual households with your advert


Target Audience:

  • This webinar is for senior decision makers, concerned with PR, marketing, communications and member benefits.
  • This webinar is also tailored for those in the membership sector who have never advertised on TV before.
  • Professional wanting to raise their awareness of the latest comms innovations and to be inspired by new possibilities.

We’ve a range of examples from our membership portfolio that we will share with attendees. Discover how other organisations have advertised on TV, and hear a case study for a health campaign.

Hear is what previous attendees told us:

Can we extend a big ‘thank you’ for the event today at Sky. Your presentation on content was certainly thought provoking and resonates given some of the longer term plans we have. It was great to have the tour and to meet the other people attending. We enjoyed SKY’s presentation and it was great to hear at first hand the value of the Sky Adsmart offer – we can see it providing some potentially great opportunities for us.



It was a really interesting day. I am in the process of pulling a business case together for TV activity next year!