CRM – Beyond Technology

This morning, we had the honour of running a mini-memcom event led by Iain Pritchard, Partner at Adapa, with support from other partners and consultants at Adapta.


The climate in which membership bodies and charities have to operate has never been hotter with the remorseless rise of digital, GDPR and the new DPA, plus competition and commercial pressures from every side. Feedback from organisations implementing new CRM systems can be very mixed – it can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive to get right.


This morning’s breakfast session equipped our delegates with an appreciation of the CRM landscape, a basic set of tools to help them orientate and seven key issues to resolve before deciding to change anything.


The presentation, and the tips and insights within, can be downloaded here free of charge.


Adapta specialises in providing membership organisations, charities and other NFP organisations with practical guidance and tailored advice to develop the three key areas which help to achieve strategic and operational effectiveness. Processes; through developing business processes and effective ways of working. People; by offering the support people need to manage change. Technology; to help select and implement new systems or technology.


Watch this speace for more details about upcoming mini-memcom events throughout the year in addition to our flagship annual conference and awards event.