Creating a powerful engagement platform for membership organisations

Case Study by memcom Platinum Sponsor and award-winning, full service digital agency Cantarus


Revo supports the people and businesses involved in the diverse world of retail property and placemaking, enabling them to thrive and prosper. Their key aims are driving progress for their community and energising their members. They do this by organising events to drive engagement and provide opportunities for members to interact with each other directly. This member-to-member interaction is a key value-add to Revo’s thriving 2,000 membership base.



One of the key challenges that Revo identified was that, outside their annual events, they weren’t engaging continually with their members or providing a platform for their members to engage with each other. Given the plethora of ways that members interact with each other (e.g. social media), Revo needed to provide a continual engagement platform to maintain relevance within their industry and drive member retention. They needed a solution that would allow them to maintain relationships with their members year-round rather than focusing only on those large events.

As with all app development projects, Revo’s major concern was delivery timeline and budget, while also considering the implications on business-as-usual at Revo HQ once the app went live.


Cantarus provided a solution that directly addressed these concerns with their mobile app platform MemConnect: a powerful engagement platform for membership bodies and associations to communicate with, and connect, their members. MemConnect aggregates content from multiple existing sources – CRM, CMS, events, and more – all in one, easy-to-use app. This removed the need for Revo to expend additional effort updating and managing the app.

Cantarus worked extensively alongside Revo to design and develop an app that allowed Revo to address the challenge of how to engage more continuously with their members. The unique selling point of the app is giving their members the ability to find and connect with other members through the member directory and communicate directly with each other using member-to-member instant messaging.

The app also gives users access to Revo’s high quality resources, up to date news content and access to upcoming events. Each of these areas is reinforced through the use of targeted push notifications to improve continual engagement.

Another key feature is being able to very easily send out surveys to their members on key issues facing the industry. This data is then captured for them to reference the information should a question arise on certain matters around Revo’s members.


Results as of February 2019

With the soft launch of the app going live in September 2018, we already have a 26.7% adoption rate of Revo’s members using the app in the first few months! We’re positive that this number will continue to rise in 2019 with several small to large events happening between January and September 2019.

  • 534 total downloads across iOS and Android
  • 308 average monthly users
  • 27% adoption rate of all members using the app
  • 5 Stars average Review Score across both App Stores



To find out how MemConnect can help you engage with your members all year-round, talk to Cantarus’ MemConnect Team on or visit for more information.