Celebrating our Grand Prix winners!

The Royal Statistical Society are one of the world’s leading organisations to promote the importance of statistics and data and they were big trophy winners at the memcom membership excellence awards last month.



“We were delighted to have three of our entries do so well, and the icing on the cake was the Grand Prix award. The whole team was buzzing, and it has given a massive morale boost to all RSS staff who have a justified sense of pride in the organisation. It’s fantastic to be recognised in this way and we are all extremely grateful to you all for making it happen”, Nicola Emmerson, Director of Membership and Professional Affairs.


The Society’s winning streak during the ceremony began with their win Best Campaign on a Shoestring for the Public Affairs Campaign which aimed to stop government spokespeople putting a spin on official statistics by denying them pre-release access.


Magdalen Wiley, Press & Public Affairs Manager

Magdalen Wiley, Press & Public Affairs Manager, also won Marketing or Communications Executive of the Year: “I am thrilled to have won the Young Membership, Marketing or Communications Executive of the Year Award. It’s nice to know that I am still in the right age bracket to be considered ‘young’, and more seriously, it is a real honour to have mine and the team’s work recognised by our fellow membership bodies.” Through increasing media coverage, developing stronger links with key stakeholders and staging several very successful events, Magdalen has had a tangible impact on the Society’s effectiveness at delivering for its members and is a worthy winner of this trophy!


The RSS also received a highly commended award with Rosie Sweeney, Recruitment Manager, taking home a highly commended trophy for Best Newcomer: “It’s really nice for my work at the RSS to be recognised by memcom in this way.” Rosie helped increase the number of paying members by 30% in her first year and was hugely successful in recruiting corporate partners, corporate members and e-students.


Four trophies are now taking pride of place in the offices of the Royal Statistical Society including the highly coveted 2018 Marketing Grand Prix trophy. Each year, the memcom judges decide which organisation has distinguished itself from its peers through a combination of creative and innovative approaches and this organisation is awarded the memcom Grand Prix. It was a great year for the RSS and thoroughly deserved!


On behalf of the 2018 Grand Prix winners, Iain Wilton, RSS Director of Policy and Public Affairs, kindly answered some key questions we had…


What did the awards mean for the RSS?


“We were delighted to do so well at the memcom awards. Rosie’s first-year achievements meant that she thoroughly deserved her ‘Highly Commended’ status while Mags was a very worthy winner as ‘Young Communications Executive of the Year’. But the overall ‘Grand Prix’ award was the icing on the cake. To be frank, we didn’t even know it existed until we arrived at the awards ceremony itself! So it was a total surprise and a real delight to win it – especially as the competition was so intense.”


How are the awards reflective of the RSS’s aims and objectives?


We were particularly pleased to see Mags and Rosie do so well as it’s always great to see young talent being recognized and encouraged. In addition, ‘Best Campaign on a Shoestring’ was a very appropriate award for us, as we can’t really do any other sort of campaigning! The ‘Grand Prix’ award was the real bonus. I think we knew, from our members’ surveys, that we were getting quite a few things right. But it was fantastic to get the external endorsement from memcom’s expert judges.


What did you enjoy about this year’s memcom awards?


Awards ceremonies are pretty alien to us; we’d hardly ever applied for any awards before. memcom tempted us by making the process straightforward and cost-effective, while the categories were really well-chosen. The extension to the application deadline was a big bonus, too … So the organisation was right and the ceremony itself was really enjoyable. We’d love to come back in the future!


Award entry for the 2019 memcom membership excellence awards will open in the Autumn of 2018 so start planning your entries now. memcom awards are brilliant for recognition, incredibly good for personal and team morale – and great for demonstrating impact. And we can promise you the celebration of all celebrations next year if you are shortlisted!